An Egyptian Bronze Swivel Ring with Scarab Seal, 20-21st Dynasty, ca. 1190 - 945 BCE


$1,950 USD

Levantine origin. A medium to large very finely carved scarab seal in white steatite. The scarab is mounted on a thin bronze wire-ring which is wound together at the front suspension hole of the scarab, causing some damage to the head. The head is extremely well carved, and the elytra bear an unusual V-shaped pattern, where the lines are cut with a succession of small notches, and ending in a small trefoil. The seal-side is decorated with a four-blossomed lotus shown as a cross with one flower in each direction. The hieroglyphic sign nefer (beautiful) is carved in each of the four spaces between the arms on the cross, in opposing directions. 

Condition: Intact besides some chips to scarab, bronze corroded.

Dimensions: 1 1/16 inches (2.7 cm), scarab length: 7/8 inch (2.2 cm)

Provenance: From a collection of Levantine scarabs bought in Israel over the years and later acquired from the London trade in 1994, thereafter private collection of Geoffrey Metz, Egyptologist collection number: M428.