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A shipwrecked Roman Transport Amphora, Carthage, ca. 3rd century AD

the body cylindrical and narrow, the lower section tapers to a tight base terminated by an elongated cylindrical spike with central swelling, the neck cone-shaped, the gently rounded shoulders have no discernible ridge, they support the curved handles that are attached to a wide  rim that becomes gently wider towards the top, thick marine encrustation to one side from long-term saltwater submergence. 

Classed as 'contenitori cilindrici della tarda età imperiale' (cylindrical containers of the late Imperial period: Manacorda, 1977a: 171ff.), these amphorae  are one of the most widely distributed African types in western Mediterranean (large quantity of Catalan and southern French material), very frequent at  Ostia  and Rome, and well attested in eastern Mediterranean (Beirut). Large collections at  Carthage  (Freed, 1995),  Ostia  (Manacorda, 1977) and in Catalunya (Keay 1984; Remolà 2000). This amphora style has been retrieved from several south French wrecks cargos : Pampelonne (Lequément, 1976), Héliopolis 1 (Joncheray, 1997), Pointe de la Luque B (Dovis-Vicente, 2001). 

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Dimensions:  height:  45 inches (114 cm)

Condition: Heavy marine encrustation to the top of one side, the amphora is completely intact and in excellent condition overall. 

Provenance:  Estate of Hope N. Efron, Washington DC. Appraised by J.F. Hale and Associates, Geneva, Switzerland on March 21, 1972.


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