* A fine Bvlgari 18K gold ring with Roman Intaglio, ca 2nd century CE


$5,500 USD

from the fabulous Italian jeweler BVLGARI, an exceptional 18K gold ring set with a finely carved ancient Roman carnelian intaglio, ca. 2nd century CE depicting a cockerel and a pomegranate, representing Pluto, god of the underworld and his bride, the goddess Persephone.  Symbolically, the rooster depicts vigilance, virility, and bravery, and the seedy pomegranate fruit, fertility, life, regeneration, and marriage.

cf: Augusto Cosentino, "Persephone's Cockerel," in Animals in Greek and Roman Religion and Myth Proceedings of the Symposium Grumentinum Grumento Nova (Potenza) 5-7 June 2013, Edited by Patricia A. Johnston, Attilio Mastrocinque and Sophia Papaioannou, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016, pp. 189-212

Condition: Intact in excellent condition overall. An exceptional ring, that would make a wonderful gift.

Dimensions: US Ring Size: 3

Provenance:  Private California collection, from the 1970s Bvlgari intaglio collection, the interior stamped BVLGARI and "ROMA, 2ND CENT AD" together with 18K gold mark.