A Roman two-toned Phallic Glass Amulet, ca 1st century BCE-CE


$750 USD

a conical amulet of a phallus, of infused blue and yellow glass with a delightful eye inlay embellishment to the three main areas, pierced lengthwise for attachment. 

Considered the ultimate source of protection and good fortune, phallic emblems are found on a wide range of Roman objects, from amulets to frescoes to mosaics to lamps. As the ancient author Pliny attests, even babies and soldiers wore such charms to inspire divine protection.

Condition:  Tip of phallus worn otherwise intact and in fine condition overall, custom mounted. 

Dimensions:  Height: 1.9 cm (.74 inch), Mounted Height: 2.5 cm (.98 inch) 

Provenance:  Alex Malloy collection acquired in the 1980s.