A Roman Amethyst Intaglio Gemstone, ca. 1st - 2nd century AD

Of deep purple hue reinforcing Dionysian associations, the oval gem engraved with the image of Pan, with horns, shaggy legs and goat feet, shown seated under the shade of a tree, playing the double pipes.  To the front of the god of shepherds and hunters, stands a goat, its head turned back to the god, listening to the music.  The gem is set in a high karat gold ring, probably of later design, a rope pattern decorates either side of the ring hoop, the raised oval bezel flanked by two goat heads.

Published: J.R. Köhler, Welt (economics) makes music, 2014, p. 155 Fig. 2

Condition: Intact and in very good condition overall

Dimensions: width: 1.8 cm (0.7 inches), US ring size: 9

Provenance:  Private German private collection, assembled in the 1960s - early 1970s.


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