A Roman Gold and Emerald Pomegranate Necklace, ca 2nd century AD

Composed of links of cut-out Herakles knots formed of thin strips, joined to links threaded through emerald beads, the hook-and-loop closure with double volutes.Composed of lengths of figure-8 loop-in-loop chain joined to links threaded through glass beads imitating natural emerald crystals, terminating in a hook-and-loop closure.Composed of lengths of simple loop-in-loop chain  a ribbed cylinder at each end, one end joined to a sheet disk terminal, the other end joined to a hook, the disk with a double fringe of beaded wire, a collar-set emerald in the center enclosed by a rim of beaded wire, the disk with an attached loop designed to receive the hook.Composed of a double strand of seven hexagonal emerald beads, each strung on lengths of twisted gold wire coiled into interlocking loops at each end, finished with a hook and loop closure.Composed of figure-8 gold elements looped to gold links threaded through faceted lapis lazuli beads, the gold formed of plain wire, the figure-8 links hammered flat; with a hook-and-loop closure,

Provenance:  Mr. & Mrs. Goddard Dubois. Acquired Egypt 1900-06, exhibited Metropolitan Museum of Art (1920-1948), museum number:  S.L.803.102 inscribed in red ink on one emerald. 



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