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A Roman Glass Squat Candlestick Unguentarium, late 1st - early 2nd century AD - Sands of Time Ancient Art
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A Roman Glass Squat Candlestick Unguentarium, late 1st - early 2nd century AD

Acquired in Haifa, Israel, this vessel with flat base and rounded body tapers to a long cylindrical neck that flares to a wide, flat mouth. Smithsonian accession number 290902 in black pigment partially remains near base, also on label on neck.

Reference: Hayes J. W. Roman and Pre-Roman Glass in the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto, 1975. Susan H. Auth "Ancient Glass at the Newark Museum from the Eugene Schaefer collection" (1976).

Condition: The vessel is in very good condition. There is fragile iridescence on the outside and inside, much of the inside is covered with a layer of iridescence and dirt. The only sign of damage is a groove-like crack on the outside of the vessel, starting at the edge of the rim and ending about a quarter of the way down the neck, approximately 1.5 inches in length.

Dimensions: Height 3 7/8 inches (10 centimeters)

Published: McGovern-Huffman, S. " Magical, Mystical Roman Glass, the Lenman/Stohlman Collection of Ancient Roman Glass" (2012) pg 14.

Provenance: Forming part of the Lenman/Stohlman collection assembled by the Washington D.C. socialite Miss Isobel H. Lenman (1845 - 1931), in the early 1900’s. Loaned and accessioned by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., between 1916 and 1921 where it was exhibited until her death in 1931. Thereafter, the collection was returned to her heirs and sold around 1937 to Dr. Martin Stohlman, remaining with the Stohlman family until 2011. 

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