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A Greco-Roman Shipwrecked Lead Anchor Stock, ca 3rd century BC - 1st century AD
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A Greco-Roman Shipwrecked Lead Anchor Stock, ca 3rd century BC - 1st century AD

From a merchant or war ship, these lead anchor stocks are from a wooden anchor of Greco-Roman design. The anchor proper was originally made of wood with three lead components:  a wide lead stock at the top, surmounted by a small lead strengthener and a Type III lead collar at the bottom which held a single arm to the shank. The stock provided weight toward the top of the anchor so it would lay flat on the seabed.

The Romans carried a quality of such anchors before they were slowly replaced by iron during the 2nd century AD.  The original wood has been professionally reconstructed to museum standards using modern conservation materials to fit the anchor.

Originally, the stock was cast onto the wooden shank and permanently fixed, in later designs the stock could be removed from the shank. Before casting to the stock a hole was drilled through the shank, so when the stock was cast, a cross bar of lead was formed within the square lead collar which held the stock in place.

Dimensions:  Height with mount:  67 inches (170.2 cm), Width: 30 1/2 inches (77.5 cm)  Depth: 28 inches (50.8 cm)  Note:  these measurements include the integrated mount.  

Condition:  Components  eroded and covered in white calcareous concretion.   They have been professionally conserved and a distortion to the crown and collar elements slightly corrected and realigned to minimize further damage.  All surfaces were professionally treated to consolidate loose attachment of the carbonate film as well as the exposed lead exterior to allow safe handling. Professionally mounted using conservation materials to reconstruct the style and original form.  Overall in very good condition. 

Provenance:   Private Canadian collection since 1992.

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