A Near Eastern Bronze Double Disk Pommel Sword, ca. 1200 - 800 BCE


$4,500 USD

This Luristan bronze sword is a rare example of the double disk pommel found in the great museums such as the Ashmolean (Oxford, UK) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. This well-balanced weapon features a slender cylindrical grip and tapering blade. In the center of the pommel disc is the top of an iron tang or core, which suggests the hilt was made over an iron core and the blade cast separately. Below the pommel is a second slightly larger conical disc. An elliptical open guard with rounded shoulders is cast in one with the plain grip and is carefully designed to secure the blade firmly in position round the shoulders and on the blade. The narrow blade, with raised prominent blood lines, tapers regularly with almost straight cutting edges to a point.

It is the austere perfection of line and proportion that makes this weapon so beautiful and so terrible.

Reference:  For similar examples cf: Moorey, P.R.S. "Catalogue of Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Ashmolean Museum", #58 & 59 and Muscarella, O. "Bronze and Iron, Ancient Near Eastern Artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art", item #166.

Dimensions: Height: 24 1/2 inches

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall, with museum quality custom mount.

Provenance: Missouri private collection since 2001, previously Adams collection, Sydney Australia, since 1970's.