A bronze Axehead, Koban Culture, ca. 9th - 8th century BCE


$1,500 USD

Koban culture is a late Bronze Age and Iron Age culture of the northern and central Caucasus. It is preceded by the Colchian culture of the western Caucasus and the Kharachoi culture further east. It is named after the village of Koban, Northern Ossetia, wherein 1869 battle-axes, daggers, decorative items and other objects were discovered in a kurgan. Later, further sites were uncovered in the central Caucasus.  This rare example features an elliptical shaft-hole and crescentic blade and hammer at right angle.

Cf: On the way to the Golden Fleece. Archaeological Findings from Georgia, exhibition catalog, Munich Staatliche Museum, 1995, p. 284, no. 230, pl. 107f.

Dimensions:  Length: 5-3/4 inches (14.5 cm)

Condition:  Intact and in excellent condition overall.  With museum-quality custom stand. 

Provenance:  Ex-Andrew Green collection, Ex-David Kennedy collection, acquired at London Art Market in late 1980's.