A Persian brown banded Bead of a Stylized Bird, Achaemenid Empire, ca 550-330BC

in the form of a bird, the bead is finely carved and smoothed on both sides, horizontally drilled for suspension.  Beads such as this example were often made with the same techniques employed to create stone weapons and tools - flaking or rough grinding on abrasive blocks.  Final shaping and polishing was done with abrasives made of flint chips, sands or clay slurry.

For a related example see Dublin, L "A History of Beads" (1987) Timeline of Bead History p112 #315. 

Condition:  The bead is intact and in very good condition overall, with minor chips to the edges, evidence of wear.  A rare and fine example. 

Dimensions:  Width:  2.8cm (1 1/8 inches)

Provenance:  Private NY collection


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