* A fine Sassanian Silver Stag, ca. 5th century AD

Fine cast silver stag depicted with a tall antler rack, and slender body in an elegant stance. Two suspension loops for attachment on the side.

Condition:  Overall gray-black surface with a few traces of scattered blue-green surface patina. Intact, overall exc. cond.

Dimensions: 2 1/2 inches (6.3 cm)

Provenance:  Private NYC collection, acquired Royal Athena Gallery, NYC., 1980s.

* A Campanian Red Figure Oinochoe, ca. 4th century BC $4,500 USD
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* An Attic Black Figure Lekythos, Classical Period, ca. 5th century BC $2,950 USD
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* A Greek Terracotta Figure of a Boar, ca. 5th - 4th Century BC $950 USD
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* A Greek Bronze Standing Bull, Archaic Period, ca 6th century BC $8,500 USD
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* A Near Eastern Bronze Bowl, Middle Bronze Age II, ca. 2100 - 1550 BC $1,200 USD
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* A terracotta plaque of the Sumerian demon Humbaba, ca. 2nd millennium BC $2,500 USD
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