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A Published Hasaean Inscribed Tombstone for Matmat, c. 4th century BC

Large funerary stone, inscribed in the Hasaean dialect using a variety of South Arabian monumental script, with three inscribed lines for the man Matmat, that records both patrilineal and matriarchal descent.  Translated by Dr. A. Jamme, it reads:

nfs/wqbr/mtmt/    1:  Tombstone and grave of Matmat,

bn/zrbbt/'lt/'h/        2:  son of Zurubbat, those of 'Ah-

ns/d't/'b/s'd             3:  nas, her of the father of Sa'ad-

'b/                           4:  'ab.

The southern Arabian states organized the ancient trade routes which traversed the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula and the eastern expanses.

Published:  A. Jamme, W. F. " Sabean and Hasaean Inscriptions from Saudi Arabia" (1966) Instituto Di Studi Del Vicino Oriente, Universuta di Roma, pg. 74, pl. XVII, Ja 1048.  Dr. Jamme writes:  "inscription presumably found by Aramco workmen.  The photograph appears to have been taken at the Company Camp at Ras Tanura, not far from Jawan; and the stone may have come from the same area" (J.P. Mandaville's letter of January 10, 1962)".  Note:  Mr. James Mandaville, Jr. began to undertake epigraphic research as his pastime and forwarded all inscriptions to Dr. Jamme.

Condition:   A minor loss to the face of the inscription together with a small loss to the base, neither losses impact the overall example.  Museum quality custom mount.  A large and impressive example.

Dimensions:  Width:  24.4 inches ( 62 centimeters), Height: 10 inches (25.5cm)  

Provenance:   Private Virginia collection since 1974, acquired from the trade.  This object will be accompanied with the publication by Dr. Jamme, signed by the author and dedicated to the previous owner.

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