* A Near Eastern Agate Bead Pendant, Achaemenid Period, ca. 500 - 330 BCE


$495 USD

With its extra-fine bands set in a soft matrix of white and reddish-orange, agate was highly prized in ancient times for its scarcity and beauty. 

Known as the earth's rainbow, agate was used as healing amulets and ornamentation dating back to ancient Babylon. The ancient Egyptians discovered it in pebble form and used it for protection.  Ancient agate was used as a talisman to improve attention to detail, increase positivity, bring good luck, and awaken a sense of adventure.   Use it to balance emotional, physical, and intellectual energy, and harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces of the universe.

Dimensions: Bead length: 2.7 cm (1.06 inches), Width: 2 cm (0.78 inches). Strung on a 20-inch sterling silver chain that is tarnish-resistant.

Condition: Expected signs of wear that do not detract, intact and in very good condition overall. A lovely example.

Provenance: Private Californian collection, acquired in the 1970s.