A good Bronze Bracelet, mid 1st century B.C.

solid cast and penannular; decorated with serpent or lion head terminals; the heads themselves have eyes, nostrils, and mouths, replicated twice on the plain rounded ring, the doubled headed figures facing one another, snout to snout.  

Bracelets with animal-head terminals were very common in Iran, Assyria, and the Caucasus in the Iron I period, continuing into the Achaemenian period and beyond. They represent one of the few objects where continuity of forms may be documented from preAchaemenian times into the Achaemenian period (Moorey 1971a, 218ff.). Moorey (1971a, 220) noted that the serpent head in particular is a "form ... most satisfactorily adapted to a bracelet," and that "it is probably the earliest type with animal-head terminals to be used in the Near East." Examples of bracelets with serpent-head terminals are known in Iran in Dailaman (Sono and Fukai 1968, pl. LXXXIV:1-8)a, and from the Caucasus, from Zincirli in North Syria, and from Urartu (Moorey 1971a, 220; Barnett 1963, fig. 32:10-there called lions' heads-and fig. 3Tl2). 

Dimensions:Diameter: 3-1/2 inches (8.9 cm)

Condition: Overall lightly encrusted blue-green surface patina. Intact, and in excellent condition overall. With museum quality mount, a rare and very fine example.

Provenance:   The Breitbart Collection, exhibited Phoenix Art Museum.


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