A Sasanian Chalcedony Dome Seal with Donkey & Palm Leaf, ca 1st century CE


$3,500 USD

22K modern setting in ancient Roman style with gold covering a hollow core, incised with deliberate and expressive strokes that take the form of a donkey and palm frond. 

"The special value of Sasanian seals lie in thier wide, free range of imagery. A man or woman's seal is a personal statement, even if the selection of a motif was conditioned by custom or caste restrictions. A person's portrait or name of his own (or his master's) symbolic device was an evident assertion of identity; and one's selection of another emblem, such as an animal in one of the well-defined heraldic poses, was no less so, even if it was widely shared." Thus, in this instance, the original owner of this seal identified with a donkey. 

Reference: Brunner, Christoper J., Sasanian Stamp Seals in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, NY. 1978, pg. 9

Dimensions: US ring size: 10.25, UK: U  Please note:  this ring cannot be resized.

Provenance:  Private Maryland collection, acquired in the 1970's.