A Northern Iranian bronze Pendant, Amlash region, ca 8th - 6th century BC

in the form of a standing young beardless man, dressed as a noble in a bulbous hat and belted, fold-over caftan-style garmet with deep V-neck and roll collar and cuffs.  Vertical loop on back.

There are various similar examples of this pendant type but usually female not male, see Moorey "Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Adam collection" London, 1974, page 163, no 144 and Mahboubian, H. "Art of Ancient Iran" London 1997 page 217 no. 270.

Condition:   Lower right arm missing otherwise intact and in very good condition overall.  A truly charming piece.

Dimensions:    Height:  9 cm (3 1/2 inches)

Provenance:   H. Hess private collection, Virginia, acquired in the 1970's.



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