A Persian Bronze Bowl, Achaemenid Period, ca 550 - 300 BC

a deep bowl forged from a single sheet of bronze, this piece has beautiful multi-colored patina from age and features a cross-hatching pattern around the outside of the rim, below this pattern is a fluted design that radiates toward the prominent central omphalos. 

The omphalos represented the navel of the world believed to be a large sacred hemispherical stone located at the sanctuary of Delphi. According to legend, Zeus commanded two eagles to fly from opposite sides of the world and where they met at Delphi was the center of the world. This style of bowl is often seen in Greek art for making offerings to the Gods, representing a blending of Near Eastern and Greek culture. 

Dimensions: Diameter 14.25 cm (5.6 inches)

Condition:Signs of wear visible, small crack along the rim and a few tiny piercings through the body, a fine green-brown patina throughout, piece is otherwise intact and in good condition.  

Provenance:  Forming part of the James Stephan Snr. collection, and then by descent.  Dr. Stephan was a US intelligence officer who also held a degree in archaeology.  He was posted in the Anatolian region of Turkey in the late 1960's with the US government and during this time acquired his collection from dealers and villagers throughout the region..


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