A fine Anatolian Stamp Seal, Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period, ca 3500 - 2700 BC.

The motif of this seal represents an angle-filled cross, similar in design to two seals illustrated on page 15, "Early Near Eastern Seals in the Yale Babylonian collection" (Buchanan, Briggs (1981)) pl. 35b.  The seals in the Yale collection are carved in steatite whereas this seal is made from copper and has a fine handle pierced at the top for suspension/attachment.

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall with excellent greenish brown patina.  A very fine and rare example.

Dimensions: Height: 35mm  Diameter of seal:  23 mm

Provenance: Forming part of the James Stephan Snr. collection, the seal was purchased in Adana, Turkey in 1971 from an antique dealer, and then by descent.  Dr. Stephan was a US intelligence officer who also held a degree in archaeology.  He was posted in the Anatolian region of Turkey with the US government during this time, and acquired his collection from dealers and villagers throughout the region.


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