A Neo-Babylonian Sardonyx Cylinder Seal, ca. 1000-500 BC

a bi-colored cylindrically shaped roll seal, the two toned sardonyx finely engraved with images of a contest motif. The symmetrical representation of a figure holding two bulls at bay was the favorite motif of the Neo-Babylonian glyptic repertoire. Here, a master of animals holds two beaded ibex in each arm, beside him, a royal figure holds a young bull to his chest with his left arm, his right hand holds a whip.  In linear formation, a crested bird in the foreground, this type of imagery was common in both stamps and cylinder seals that were used concurrently by the Babylonians.

For related examples see: Beatrice Teisser, Ancient Near East Cylinder Seals From The Marcopoli Collection,Catalogue number. 182 and 183 ex. 285,292,293

Condition:  Intact with several small edge chips to the edges.   Overall in excellent condition, custom mounted with seal rollout.

Dimensions:  Height:  2.54 cm (1 inch) 

Provenance:  Private Texas collection, acquired in Syria in the early 1960's and then by descent.


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