A good Attic Oil Lamp with black slip detail, ca. 550 - 475 BC

Greek wheel-made lamp with flat rim, the central socket with small opening for attachment, raised base, the interior coated with thin brownish-red slip, exterior and interior of nozzle coated with black slip. Top of rim decorated with two thin lines, red color merging to black. 

cf: Eva Brann, "A Well of the Corinthian Period Found in Corinth," p. 372, #92, fig. 2, pl. 59 in Hesperia XXV. 1956. 

See also: Howland type 12B in the Athenian Agora Vol. IV/Greek Lamps and their Survivals, Richard H. Howland, Princeton 1958, pp. 23-27, pls. 3, 31-32.

See also: D.M. Bailey, A Catalogue of Lamps in the British Museum Vol. I, 1975, pp. 304-306, #'s Q646, Q645, Q652, pls. 120-121

Condition:  Expected minor loss to applied pigment in some areas that does not detract, some remaining surface deposits.  Intact and in excellent condition overall, a very fine example.

Dimensions: Length 10.5 cm (4 1/2 inches), Height 2.6 cm (1 inch), Diameter 9 cm (3 1/2 inches)

Provenance:  R. Korr private collection, Maryland acquired from the trade in the early 1970's.



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