A fine Daunian double Situla, Canosa, ca early 3rd century BC

The buff-coloured vessel formed from two ovoid jars with a flat base and flaring lip, each decorated in black and red slip, with encircling band of wave at the shoulders framed by red above, a wide band of geometric linear motifs in black red and pink, a wreath of ivy, a band of linked chain, each divided by parallel lines, and motifs around the base, the interior of the short flaring lip with ovolo, the vessels joined together with a high arched strap handle decorated in black with a central rib and reeds on either side.

Literature: Jacques Chamay - Chantal Courtois (éds.), L'Art premier des Iapyges. Céramique antique d'Italie méridionale(Electa Napoli, 2002), especially no. 80-82;
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F.L. Bastet, Pot en Pensel, exhibition catalogue, (Rijksmuseum van Oudheden te Leiden, 1985), p.68.

Condition: Complete, a small area of one bowl professionally restored, otherwise intact and in fine condition overall.  Very fine paint preservation, a beautiful example.

Dimensions: Height at Handle: 26.3 cm (10 3/8 in), Width: 19.5 cm (7 7/8 in)

Provenance:   Private Washington DC collection.

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