An Attic Black Glazed Oil Lamp, ca. 5th century BCE


$475 USD

A pottery oil lamp with an open disc body and arched handle, the entire body apart from the base is covered in black glaze.

Background: In antiquity, most interior lighting was provided by oil lamps set on stands or suspended by chains or cords. Drinking parties, which were always held at night after dinner, would have been brightly lit by flickering flames. This simple type of lamp has a narrow handle that could be used to hang the lamp from a peg when it was not in use.

For related example see: Donald M. Bailey, Greek and Roman Pottery Lamps, 1972, pg. 28, pl. 3F and Judith Perlzureig, Lamps from the Athenian Agora, 1963, #81 (435 - 400 BC), #84 (360 - 290 BC)

Condition: Good remains of original black slip, the lamp is intact and in very good condition overall.

Dimensions: Length: 3 3/4 inches (7.62 cm)

Provenance:  Private Maryland collection.