* An Attic Black Figure Lekythos, Classical Period, ca. 5th century BC

Used to hold oil for personal use, the shoulder ornamented with two bands of radiating strokes, the body decorated with two seated older men flanking a mounted young man of 13-17 years undergoing military training (ephebe), possibly judging his form in a cavalry review, a dokimasia.

Condition: Some wear to the glaze but otherwise intact and in very good condition overall.   

Dimensions: Height: 7 1/4 inches ( 18.4 cm)

Provenance: Private New Jersey collection since 2015, and previously a private New York collection.

* A Campanian Red Figure Oinochoe, ca. 4th century BC $4,500 USD
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* A Greek Terracotta Figure of a Boar, ca. 5th - 4th Century BC $950 USD
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* A Greek Bronze Standing Bull, Archaic Period, ca 6th century BC $8,500 USD
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* A Near Eastern Bronze Bowl, Middle Bronze Age II, ca. 2100 - 1550 BC $1,200 USD
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* A terracotta plaque of the Sumerian demon Humbaba, ca. 2nd millennium BC $2,500 USD
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* A Gnathian Ware Epichysis, c. 4th century BC $1,250 USD
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