A large Apulian Red-Figure Lekanis, Magnia Graecia, ca 340 - 320 BC

Dishes of this type were often presented as wedding gifts, and the scenes on them tend to show women dressing and grooming themselves. This is a perfect example, as the lid is decorated with two seated ladies of fashion on either side of two palmettes, their hair styled in Kekryphalos, wearing diadems and pendant earrings, floral elements in the field. Here, the seated front-facing woman with flowing hair may be a bride whom the other is preparing for her wedding. A similar example of such a wedding scene on Lekanis can be viewed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection, Accession Number 28.78.47a, b. 

The edge of the lid with a band of wave and the top of the handle adorned with radiating lines within a central depression. The black-glazed dish with twin handles, flanged below the rim to accommodate the lid and is set on a high hollow foot.   


Dimensions:  Height (with lid): 10.5 inches (26.6 cm) Diameter: 10.2 inches (26 cm) Width (from handle to handle): 14.5 inches (36.8 cm)

Condition:  Restored from large fragments with minor infill and cosmetic overpainting where required.  Overall in good condition.

Provenance:  Private NJ collection, acquired from the trade in the early 1970's.



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