* A large Campanian red-figure skyphos by the Frignano painter, Classical Period, ca. 360 - 330 BC


A Campanian red-figure skyphos by Frignano painter, depicting a warrior wearing a white bandeau, holding a large circular white shield with ochre crosses and a spear in his right hand. The opposite side depicts a draped youth wearing a white bandeau, and dressed in a himation.

The Frignano Painter painted mainly vases of small dimensions and decorated them with single-figure compositions. The use of white for outlining palmettes leaves are typical of his work.

Cf. A.D. Trendall, The Classical Archeology, (Oxford 1967), pp. 387-392, pl.151.

Exhibited: the Borchardt Library, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, April 1995 - April 2008.

Condition: There are about three areas that appear to be just surface cracking that run the interior and exterior of the piece from the top to about two inches down. It does not appear that these cracks have gone all the way through the full breaks. There is a fourth area where it appears that some restoration may have been done.

Dimensions: Height: 6 inches (15.1 cm)

Provenance: Ex. Amati collection, London, acquired in the mid- 1970's; Graham Geddes. collection, Melbourne, Australia; Bonham's, London, 15 October 2008, lot #42.

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