A rare Egyptian Epsilon Copper BattleAxe, Middle Kingdom, ca 2040-1786 BC

Object Type:     Tools & Weapons
Category:         Ancient Egyptian Art
Medium:           Copper
Period:              Middle Kingdom
Object Culture: Egyptian
Object Date:     ca. 2040-1786 BC

In the form of the Greek letter epsilon, with three pointed tangs forming two open scallops in the blade, creating a sharp outside edge with a dull and reinforced inside edge. The tangs would have been connected to a wooden shaft.

Cf. Petrie, W.M.F. Tools & Weapons (London, 1917), pl. VI, no. 164.

Condition: Intact and in good condition overall. Presented on a museum-quality mount.

Dimensions: Length: 5 1/8 inches (13 cm)

Provenance: Private collection of the late S. Dubiner, a well-known collection of ancient arms, excavated in Egypt in the 1950's, thereafter a private Virginia collection.


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