* An Egyptian Wooden Comb, New Kingdom, ca. 1550 - 1069 BCE


$1,500 USD

Carved from a single piece of hardwood, a rectangular double-sided comb, with one set of fine and one set of medium teeth.  The teeth are evenly spaced except for the two outermost, which are thicker, as in modern combs.  The slightly convex form suggests this comb might also have been used as a hair ornament.

Combs similar to this example have been found in New Kingdom female tombs in both Egypt and Nubia.  Frequently combs are found in baskets that also contain other cosmetic articles such a kohl pots, ointment jars or hairpins.

Dimensions: Height: 3 1/6 inches (3.8 cm), Width: 3 7/8 inches (9 cm)

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall.

Provenance: Deaccessioned from the Newark Museum, Newark NJ, with accession number X37.165 in black pigment.