An Egyptian Beadwork Mummy Mask, 25-26th Dynasty, 700-525 BC

A beadwork mummy mask showing a stylized face in the shape of the hieroglyph `Hr`for face. In colors of tan, brown, red, and blue, the ancient beads are strung together still with their original threads. The blue eyes are unusual for this type of mask, and paired with the shape of the ears, creates a rare and beautiful piece. 

This is the upper section of a larger beaded shroud that would have covered the upper surface of a mummy. The blue tube-beads around the edge are part of this net-like shroud. The mask represents the face of the deceased and would have been attached to the wrappings over the face if the mummy.

Dimensions: Height: 7 inches (18 cm), width: 7 inches (18 cm)

Condition: During conservation, the threads were found to be original ( except for short section added in three places). With museum quality custom mount.

Provenance: From a large group sold at auction and originating from an early 20th century excavation, thereafter private collection of Geoffrey Metz, Egyptologist and curator of Egyptian antiquities at the Gustavianum Museum, Uppsala University, Sweden. 


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