A pair of Egyptian Plaited Reed Sandals, 18th Dynasty, ca 1550-1295 BC


with bound edges, longitudinally almost symmetrical and straight, toward the front the edge diverges outwards and terminates in a rounded toe, the soles reinforced with braided rope that is neatly attached lengthways.

for related examples see:  Veldmeijer, A.J.. Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear. Technological Aspects. Part XI. Sewn-edge Plaited Sandals. p.105.  The author notes that sewn sandals, such as this example, are only found on high ranking individuals.

El Hadidi, N.M.N., Hamdy, R., Basketry accessories: footwear, bags and fans in ancient Egypt, Journal of Archaeological Science (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jas.2010.11.026

Condition:  The tie for the right sandal is missing as is part of the back area; near the middle, there is a break with minor loss to outer edge and smaller break to the inner. Otherwise, the sandal is stable and does not exhibit any further loss.  The left sandal is in very good condition with part of the original tie, attached at the left, still remaining.  They have been professionally mounted using museum quality materials.

Dimensions:   Length: 25.4 cm ( 10 inches), Width: 10.16 cm (4 inches) 

Provenance:  Acquired in Egypt in the 1920's by the Reverend William Arthur Shelton of Emory University School of Theology.


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