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An Egyptian Cartonnage Broad Collar, Late Period ca 664 -332 BC

This elegant piece is distinguished by it's remarkable craftsmanship. Made with several layers of linen of various weaves held together by an unidentified glue. The linen was molded over a core; the resulting shell was usually coated on one side with gesso (a mixture of glue and whiting plaster). Pigments used where blue, red, white, black, and a pale yellow. This smooth medium was well suited to detailed painting, a n elaborate beaded broad collar below, including strands of lotus-petal pendants, circular beads and lotus-flower pendants. 

During the long course of ancient Egyptian history, many of the customs concerning death and burial remained remarkably similar. One aspect which underwent subtle change, however, was mummification.  Mummification preserved mortal remains in order to house the Ka, or life force of the individual, as it needed to return to the body to find sustenance. The human-shaped covering, called "cartonnage," was molded to conform to the outline of the embalmed body. The section that covered the head was usually fashioned into a conventionalized and idealized "portrait" mask of the deceased while the portion which covered body was frequently decorated with scenes of deities and the netherworld. 

For related examples see: Berman, Catalog of Egyptian Art; The Cleveland Museum of Art pg. 503-505 Gerry D. Scott Ancient Egyptian Art at Yale, pg. 160 no.91 ex.B.  David A. Scott; Cowan, Elizabeth; Dodd, Lynn Swartz; Furihata, Junko; Tanimoto, Satoko; Keeney, Joy; Schilling, Michael R.  Studies in Conservation, Volume 49, p.177-192 (2004)

Condition:  Fragmentary from a larger work, the object itself is overall in very good condition.  Display frame shown in photos is included.

Dimensions: Length: 15 cm (6 inches), Width: 21 cm (8.75 inches). Display frame size:  Length: 23 cm (9 inches), Width: 27.62 cm (10. 87 inches) 

Provenance:  H. Faraji private collection, acquired from the UK trade in 2009, and previously in a private UK collection.


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