A good Egyptian Wood Shabti for Khaemwaset, 20th Dynasty , ca. 1187 - 1069 BCE


$2,750 USD

shown mummiform, wearing a long black tripartite wig, the crossed hands holding agricultural tools for use in the afterlife; covered with a white slip and beautifully embellished with fine details in black, yellow and red polychrome, the front inscribed with a single column of black hieroglyphs, that reads:

"The Osiris scribe Khaemwaset, true of voice in peace". - translation by Dr. A. Baumann, Uni of Chicago.

Dimensions: Shabti Height: 21 cm (8.3 inches), Mounted Height: 23 cm (9.05 in)

Condition: expected minor losses to the polychrome, with wear to the left jaw, chin, and nose, otherwise intact and in excellent condition overall.

Provenance:   Estate of Robert J. Molnar, Hillsdale, NJ., purchased from Juergens, NYC, December 16, 1964.