A rare Egyptian bright blue-glazed faience ushabti for Padimayhes, ca. 664-525 BCE


with deep blue glaze, shown mummiform wearing tripartite wig and false beard, some facial details have been accented in black, the crossed hands carrying a single hoe on the right side, for work in the afterlife, the left holding a cord for the seed bag suspended over the left shoulder. With six horizontal bands of hieroglyphs finely inscribed in black for "Padimayhes".

For a similar example see Schneider, H. "Shabtis" # & 19 and Schlogl, H "Corpus der Agyptischen Totenfiguren der Offentlichen" page 127.

Most of the ushabtis of Padimayhes are in the Museo Egizio, Turin but there are also five in Geneva: J-L Chappaz, Les figurines funéraires égyptiennes du Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, (Geneva 1984), nos. 117-121). It seems that ushabtis with a single tool are unique to a group of Theban high officials of the 26th Dynasty who were buried in the cemetery of Asasif on the Theban West bank, cf Glenn Janes, Shabtis: a private view, (Paris 2002), p.155, notes 3-5.

Condition: Intact and in very good condition overall, the glaze well preserved, the black pigment heavily worn in places, particularly at the back.

Dimensions: Height: 3.5 inches (9 cm)

Provenance: Dr U Muller private collection, Switzerland acquired between 1968 -1978

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