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* An Egyptian Faience Shabti for Ptahmose, 19th Dynasty, ca.1293 – 1185 BC
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* An Egyptian Faience Shabti for Ptahmose, 19th Dynasty, ca.1293 – 1185 BC

Mummiform, faience with blue glaze, details in black, wearing a striped tripartite wig, adorned with a broad usekh collar, holding agricultural implements in each hand, seed sack and yoke and water pots on back, and a vertical column of text on the front that reads: " The Osiris, the governor (mayor), Ptahmose, justified, of the white wall (Memphis)."

Background:  Ptahmose, Noble, Count, Sealbearer of the King of Lower Egypt, Sole Companion, Great Chief in the White Walls (=Memphis), Steward for His Lord, Wife: Inuhety; His daughters are listed as Inuhety, Nafi, Nofretiye, Tawai, Mutkhati, Inunehet, and further down on the inscription we see daughters (-in-law?) Tamit, Merytptah and Nafi.

Sons: Hori, wab priest and temple scribe of Ptah, Usi, God's Father and Chief wab-priest in the House of Ptah, Iia, Wab Priest of Ptah.


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Condition:  Intact and in very good condition overall.  Small drill hole to the base where XRF test done ( QED Labs, MCCM 0.9 Gy) tested as ancient and a copy of this report will accompany the object.  

Dimensions:  Height:  5.6 inches (14.3 cm)

Provenance:  Collection Dr Leopold Benguerel, Barcelona; acquired in London in 1960s. Art Loss Certificate No: S00087077

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