A tiny Egyptian Faience Cat Amulet, 26th Dynasty ca. 664 - 525 BCE


$550 USD

this tiny but fabulous amulet of green faience is an amuletic element that originally would have been part of a broad collar necklace. It shows an upright seated cat with alert ears on a small base with a suspension loop at the back of the head. It has now been strung as a pendant on an 18" tarnish-resistant silver chain.

This amulet is a depiction of Bastet, an Egyptian goddess, daughter of the sun-god Re. In ancient Egypt, she was initially depicted in the form of a lioness but was eventually modified into a cat. In this form, she was worshipped as a goddess of fecundity. Faience cat amulets first appear in the late Old Kingdom and were intended to endow the wearer with fertility.

Reference: Carol Andrews, Amulets of Ancient Egypt. British Museum Press, Bath, 1994. Page 32 – 33

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall.

Dimensions: Height: 3/8 inch (1 cm) strung as a pendant on an 18" tarnish-resistant silver chain.

Provenance: Ex. H. Doman Collection, from H. Clements. Crest Private Museum (Hemel, Hempstead) 1939.