A lovely Egyptian Faience Ball Bead Pendant, Middle Kingdom, ca. 2070 - 1650 BCE


$750 USD

Uniform or graduating spherical beads were fashionable during the Middle Kingdom. This very fine faience ball bead of deep azure blue faience is flanked on either side with a flat disk bead. They are the color the ancient Egyptians particularly associated with magical representations of new life, rejuvenation, and rebirth.  The beads have been strung for wearing as a necklace using an 18" silver chain.

For related ball bead examples see, British Museum accession number: EA3084

Condition: Intact and in excellent condition overall. The necklace has been restrung for wearing.

Dimensions: Width: .5 in (1 cm) strung as a pedant on an 18" silver chain 18" (45.5 cm)

Provenance: Lenman/Stohlman collection assembled by the Washington D.C. socialite Miss Isobel H. Lenman (1845 - 1931), in the early 1900s on loan to the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., between 1916 and 1921.