* A rare Amarna Glass Pomegranate Pendant, New Kingdom, ca. 1353 - 1336 BCE


$5,000 USD

In characteristic pomegranate form, the globular body and flaring top of dark blue glass, the scalloped rim of red glass, and the suspension loop of lighter blue glass.

Pomegranates were first brought back to Egypt at the beginning of the New Kingdom from Western Asia and quickly became a popular motif for jewelry, amulets, and vessels.

cf:  B. Nolte. Die Glassgefässe im Alten Ägypten. Munich. Munchener Ägyptologische Studien. 14, #128 and fragmentary example, Petrie Museum, 

Dimensions: Length: 2.8 cm (1.1 inches)

Condition: Repaired from several pieces.

Provenance: Ex. J.B. collection, United Kingdom, acquired between 1970 - 2012.