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An Egyptian Funerary Cone for the count of the city, Basa, 26th Dynasty, ca. 664-525 BC

Of conical form, the oval face with finely impressed text in raised relief that reads: " Honoured by Osiris, god’s father, god’s servant, the one who sees the horizon, semi-priest of Coptos, necropolis worker, hesku-priest, count of the city, Basa, son of the god’s father,god’s servant, the one who sees the secrets of the horizon, semi-priest of Coptos, necropolis-worker, hesku-priest, Ameneminet, true of voice."  

The Mayor of Thebes, during the reign of Psametik I, Basa, the son of Amenemone, was an increasingly important office in the late period of Egyptian history. He was a Divine Father and Prophet, offices which his father held before him although he was not mayor.

Parents: Amenemonet (Prophet of Min) and Neferuneith;
Wives: Tahert and Beteb;   Daughter: Ptahardais (daughter of Beteb)
Basa's name is written in two different ways:  Bes and  Basa.

Literature:  Norman de Garis Davies – Miles Frederick Laming Macadam,  A Corpus of Inscribed Egyptian Funerary Cones(Oxford, 1957), no. 385; 

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Condition:  Tail missing and some cracking to the face but in very good condition overall, with traces of original white wash to the face. Museum-quality custom mount.

Tomb number:  TT389

Dimensions:Face Diameter: 6.35 cm ( 2.5 inches); Length: 16.94 cm ( 6.67 inches)

Provenance:Private collection of Dr. U. Mueller, Switzerland, acquired between 1968 - 1978.

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