* An Egyptian Funerary Cone for the Prophet of Amun-Re, Pabasa, 26th Dynasty, ca. 664 - 525 BC


the conical form made from nile silt clay, the oval face with white clay wash and impressed text in raised relief that reads, "The Osiris, prophet of Amun-Re, the king of the gods, overseer of the prophets of Upper Land gods, overseer of whole Upper Egypt, chief steward, divine adoratress, Pabasa, son of the one beloved of the god, Padibaset, his mother, Tasenetenhor."

Reference: Macadam and Davies, "Corpus of Inscribed Funerary Cones," #468,  Porter & Moss 1970 pp. 357-359   Stewart 1986 pp. 62-63 serial no. 112 Vivo 2002 p. 26 

Theban Tomb number:  TT 279
26th Dynasty, Reign of Psamtik I
Location: Asasif

Background: Funerary cones, representing the ends of chapel roof support beams, were traditionally inserted in rows (their flat ends facing outward) above the mudbrick entrances of the superstructures of non-royal tombs in Thebes from the 18th to 26th Dynasties (1550-525BC).

Often conical in shape, the visible flat surface of these fascinating objects typically contained a positive stamped impression of the tomb owners name and titles. Additional biographical data and epitaphs could also be included such as the identity of the owner’s wife, reigning pharaoh or cult in which he served. The texts, therefore, provide a wealth of information concerning a variety of different individuals, their occupations, genealogy, etc. and are considered an essential component of collections of Egyptian antiquities throughout the world.

  • One example was unearthed from TT 386 by DAI in 1963 (JE 91531(b). Register book owned by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo). One example was unearthed from TT 36 (Graefe 2003: Text p. 203; Taf. 113, Kat.507).
  • The owner ascribed is identical to those of # 92, # 469, and # 470.
  • According to Lichtheim, Pabasa is almost certainly the successor of TT 36 Ibi who held cones # 450, # 451, # 610, # 641/B.14, # 642/B.15, and # 643/B.16 (Lichtheim 1948 [JNES (7(3))]: 164).
  • See also 01-228 & 229 in Davies's notebook, 05-046, 047, 053, & 140 in Macadam's DALEX file 1, and 06-049, 056, 064, 065, 068, 085, 095, 105, & 111 in his DALEX file 2.

Condition:  Intact, with tail and in good condition overall, the face with remains of original white wash with some loss. Museum-quality custom mount included.

Dimensions: Face Diameter: 9.5 cm ( 3 3/4 inches); Length: 19.5 cm ( 7 3/4 inches) 

Provenance: Private collection of Dr. U. Mueller, Switzerland, acquired between 1968 - 1978.

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