* An Egyptian Funerary Cone for Mayor of Thinis, Amunhotep, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1550 - 1295 BC


of conical form, the oval face with finely impressed text in raised relief that reads: "The mayor of Thinis, festival leader of Osiris, and overseer of the prophets of Onuris, Amunhotep, praised of Amun-Re."

Reference: Macadam and Davies, "Corpus of Inscribed Funerary Cones," #482

Notes: The name of the owner of A. 19 is unknown but his titles are jrj-pat HAtj-a n Tnj jmj-rA Hmw-nTr n jnHrt mH-jb mnx n nb tAwj, possibly indicating that this cone was his (Cf. Manniche 1988a: 52). Van Siclen suggests that Amunhotep was the one who had been depicted (but now hacked out) on the wall of TT 94 Kenamun (Davies 1930: 39, Pl. XXXVIII). Van Siclen further suggested that the same official had the statue 37.29E preserved in the Brooklyn Museum, and the block statue D.59 housed in the Leiden Museum (Leemans 1840: 55), and the shabti CG 46537 in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (Newberry 1930: 5-6). According to him, there is a possibility that the stela EA 902 in the British Museum which bears the cartouche of Thutmose IV (Edwards 1939 [BMHT 8]: 8-9 , Pl. IX) was also his (Van siclen 1979).
・The idea that this cone was for the tomb A. 19 is almost certain but I would like to wait for further evidences such as the cone's find spots data.
・See also 01-221 in Davies's notebook, 05-021 in Macadam's DALEX file 1, and 06-063, 065, 068, 070, & 100 in his DALEX file 2.

Dimensions: Length: 4 1/2inches, Face diameter: 2.5 inches (11.5 cm/6.5 cm)

Condition:  Tail missing, traces of original white slip to face, with some surface wear but overall intact.

Provenance: Private collection of Dr. U. Mueller, Switzerland acquired before 1978.

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