An Egyptian Funerary Cone for the hereditary prince Amenhotep, son of the dignitary Hapu, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1390 - 1352 BC

Amenhotep Son of Hapu was one of the most important officials from the reign of Amenhotep Ill; he was renowned throughout Egyptian history as an architect and a sage, and worshipped alongside lmhotep as a god of medicine. Amenhotep worked his way up the administration until he became the king's closest advisor, by this time he held the titles Royal Scribe and Overseer of the Works of the King. Many statues of Amenhotep have been found; perhaps the most well known is the one in the Cairo museum (JE 44861) where he is shown as a young scribe wearing a short wig, and sitting cross-legged in the typical scribal position - emphasising his learning. A papyrus scroll is unrolled on his legs, and his scribal equipment is over his shoulder. The rolls of fat on his stomach represent his success.


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