An Egyptian Funerary Cone for Suty, 18th dynasty, ca. 1550-1295 BC

Of conical form, the oval face with impressed text in raised relief that reads: "Revered one before Osiris, overseer of the works of Amun in Luxor temple, Suty justified",finger impressions to the sides of the cone where it was originally handled.

Reference: Macadam and Davies, "Corpus of Inscribed Funerary Cones," #408
Date: T. IV - A. III (Eichler 2000: 314-315)
A stela, dated to the reign of Amunhotep III, housed in the British Museum (BM 826) seems to have been this Suty's (the name of Hori of cone # 407 also appears in the same stela. Varille 1942 [BIFAO 41]).
Based on the resemblance of inscription, the producer of this cone and that of # 407 could be the same individual. Hori and Suty might have been brothers (Heyler 1959 [Kêmi 15]: 87 n. 1).
Davies mentioned a brick for this cone (01-244 in his notebook).
See also 05-121 in Macadam's DALEX file 1 and 06-088 & 099 in his DALEX file 2.

Condition:  Tail missing, face with wear but overall in good condition, with museum-quality custom mount.

Tomb number:  Tomb undiscovered.

Dimensions: Face diameter: 3 inches (7.62 cm) ; Length: 4 inches (10.16 cm)

Provenance:Private collection of Dr. U. Mueller, Switzerland, acquired between 1968 - 1978.


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