A Pair of Egyptian Bronze weights, New Kingdom, ca. 1550 - 1069 B.C.

Two circular bronze weights with a convex domed tops and sides that slant inward toward the base.  Both correlate to the Egyptian qedet standard of 9.5 grams.

Dimensions:H: 18.2 mm, Max Diam: 25.3 mm. Weight: 46.8g or 5.14 qedet (at 9.1g/qdt) and 49.5g or 5.43 qedet (at 9.1g/qdt).

Condition:  Both weights with heavy blue/green patination; they are intact and in very good condition overall, one appears to be inscribed on the base, the patination could be covering an inscription on the other. 

Provenance:Private collection of Geoffrey Metz, Egyptologist and curator of Egyptian antiquities at the Gustavianum Museum, Uppsala University, Sweden, acquired from Tetragon, London in 1998.  One weight with possible Egyptian unit of measure marked on base.


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