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A rare Egyptian Bronze Osiris and Isis, 26th Dynasty, ca 664 - 525 BC

The god depicted standing in mummiform with the arms folded across the chest, his fisted hands emerging from beneath his vestment, right over left, holding a crook and flail, the details incised, wearing a braided divine beard and a plumed atef-crown fronted by a uraeus, the features of the face well detailed. The figure stands on an integral square base, and a loop emerges behind the head and another at the right foot, at is back stands Isis in raised relief, the goddess with winged arms outstretched to embrace and protect her brother/husband, her face in profile and crowned with horns and a solar disk, touchingly embraces Osiris with her wings.

Osiris is one of the most important deities of ancient Egypt. The combination of his funerary and fertility aspects made Osiris the quintessential god of resurrection. His epithet Wennefer means 'eternally good', or 'eternally incorruptible'. One of the most celebrated goddesses in Egyptian mythology, Isis was the daughter of Seb, the earth god, and Nut, the goddess of the heavens. Isis was both sister and wife to Osiris and ruled at his side. When Osiris was murdered by Set, she made use of her wings to search for and retrieve his body which she then miraculously reassembled.

See a related example at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, accession number: 04.2.437

Condition: Intact and in very good condition with green brown patina.  Custom mounted, the base pierced by a previous owner to accommodate an earlier mount.

Dimensions: height 6.5 inches (16.5 centimeters)

Provenance: From a private San Francisco collection, California acquired in the early 1990's and previously in a private Israeli collection.

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