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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Anubis, 26th Dynasty, ca 664-525 BC - Sands of Time Ancient Art
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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Anubis, 26th Dynasty, ca 664-525 BC

solid cast, the jackal-headed deity of mummification depicted striding forward on an integral plinth, his left leg advanced, both hands form fists at his side, clad in a belted pleated kilt and armlets, wearing a tripartite wig,  his eyes, muzzle and ears finely detailed. 

Anubis was the god of the necropolis and of embalming, but his tasks not only included to take care of the mummy but also to destroy all enemies of Osiris, to assist during a ritual called "Opening of the Mouth" before the funeral, or in general to ensure a good burial as well as offerings. According to the Akkadian  transcription in the Armana letters, Anubis' name was vocalized in Egyptian  as  Anapa  The Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts add that Anubis was responsible for counting the hearts. He also took part in the judgment of the dead, where he could be seen (vignette for spell 125 of the Book of the Dead) leading the deceased to the scales on which the heart would be weighed and subsequently towards Osiris. Because of this last task as "escort of souls" he was equated in Graeco-Roman times with Hermes.

Although depictions of Anubis are common (mostly in funerary context), statuettes in bronze are much more rarely seen on the market. 

For a related example see: p. 427, pl. 11 in Aubert and Aubert,  Bronzes et or égyptiens

Condition:  A finely rendered example, intact and in very good condition overall.

Dimensions:   Height: 7.62 cm (3 inches) 

Provenance:   S.Bono private collection, Chicago, IL, acquired from Aton Gallery, Germany in 2001.


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