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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Amun, Late Period, ca 664-332 BC - Sands of Time Ancient Art
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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Amun, Late Period, ca 664-332 BC

The god standing with left leg advanced, right clenched hand held to his side and the fisted left held out before him, wearing a pleated kilt with narrow belt, braided beard and the double plumed headdress with sun disc of Amen-re, on an integrated plinth, upon which two sides are inscribed, referencing the donor, that read: " May Amun give life to Padi-Pores(?) born of Hetep-Bastet". 

Amun rose to prominence as the king of the Egyptian pantheon during the 11th Dynasty, as evinced by the fact that four Pharaoh's of that dynasty took the name Amenemhet or "Amun is pre-eminent." He came to be worshipped as a creator, solar and fertility god, as well as a universal god. He was most often portrayed in human form wearing a short kilt and flat-topped headdress, often surmounted by plumes, as found in this example.

For related example see: (pp. 92-97 in R.H. Wilkinson, The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt ). 

Condition:  A finely rendered example, upper half of the headdress missing, otherwise intact and in very good condition overall.

Dimensions:   Height: 15.24 cm (6 inches) 

Provenance:   S.Bono private collection, Chicago, IL, acquired from the London trade in early 2000.


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