* An Egyptian Faience Ritual Model Situla, 26th Dynasty, ca. 664 - 525 BCE



of milk-churn shape, this amuletic miniature situla was intended to carry holy water for use in sacred activities. Of bright blue faience, it has two raised handles on the rim that are pierced, the flattened bottom and angular profile copy the metal style for the period. 

Background:  The situla was a deluxe ritual vessel that played an important role in Egyptian religious ceremonies.  Small faience models, such as this example, are quite rare.

Dimensions: Height: 1.9 cm (0.74 inch) 

Condition: Loss to the top of the pieced handles at the rim, otherwise in good condition overall.

Provenance:  J. Winnie private collection, Georgia, acquired in the 1990s.

Type: Egyptian