An Egyptian granite 'Ib' Heart Amulet, Late Period, ca. 664 - 332 BCE


$850 USD

To the Egyptians the heart was the most essential of organs, not because it pumped blood around the body - it is unclear that they understood this function - but because they believed it was the seat of intelligence, the originator of all feelings and actions, and the storehouse of memory.  From the New Kingdom, the heart became one of the most important of all amulets and was set on every mummy until the end of the pharaonic period, often in numbers and usually on the upper torso.  This excellent example, carved from fine white granite, held connotations of lasting for eternity.

cf: Andrews, Carol "Amulets of Ancient Egypt," 1994. p. 72-73

Dimensions: Height: 2.7 cm (1.06 inches)

Condition: With minor losses to the surface, intact and in good condition overall.

Provenance: RDA private collection, acquired from the NY trade as part of a collection assembled in the 1970's and 1980's.