* An Egyptian Serpentine Amulet of the Goddess Hathor, 12th Dynasty, ca. 1900 BCE


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A serpentine amulet of the goddess Hathor. One of the most important goddesses of the ancient Egyptians. She was the goddess of beauty, joy, and love. She also represented fate, and the one who wore her amulet earned her favor and a happy destiny. The cow was sacred to her and she is depicted as a woman wearing the ears and horns of the cow.

Of black serpentine stone with beige patina. Found at Mitrahina (Sakkara), Lower Egypt.

Dimensions: Length: 1 3/4  inches (4.44 cm)

Condition:  With some surface losses otherwise intact and in good condition overall.

Provenance: Ex. Phillip Mitry, 1976, thereafter the Harer Family Trust Collection.

Type: Archive