An Egyptian Glazed Steatite Plaque, New Kingdom, ca. 1550 - 1069 BCE


$1,500 USD

rectangular "good luck" plaque pierced for attachment and skillfully inscribed on two sides, showing Ptah with a was scepter and djed pillar on one side and a falcon-headed deity with two uraeus snakes on the other.  

Condition:  Intact and in excellent condition overall

Dimensions:  Length: 5/8 inch (1.5 cm)

Provenance:  Goddard Du Bois (b. 1869 – d. 1925) and Josephine Cook Du Bois (b. 1864 – d. 1961), New York, acquired in Egypt between 1900 and 1907 during one of their frequent excursions. The Du Bois's large jewelry collection was loaned & exhibited at Metropolitan Museum New York in 1920 to open the museum's Egyptian Jewel Gallery, and thereafter loaned to the Museum of Man in San Diego, May 28, 1968- November 1, 1968.